New York

Twitter has officially rebranded as X — so owner Elon Musk is holding a giant garage sale to purge the company’s HQ of remnants of the past.

Items up for auction range from a standard desk chair to a large bird cage welded with a Twitter logo bird and everything in between.

Since buying Twitter less than a year ago, Musk has worked to remake the social media site. He’s laid off most of the company’s employees, instituted a paywall and eliminated most account authentication, among other changes.

Interested buyers can browse through numerous “#” and “@”statues, paintings of Ellen DeGeneres’ viral 2014 Oscar selfie and Barack Obama celebrating his reelection, a reconstructed barn from Montana and numerous musical instruments.

On top of the more outlandish items, Twitter is looking to get rid of office equipment including desks, chairs and refrigerators.

The auction, run by Heritage Global Partners (HGP), opens September 12 and runs for two days in San Francisco. Viewing is available by appointment only, with all 584 items opening with a bid of 25 dollars.

Twitter also put memorabilia up for auction in January, trying to offload similar items.

X and HGP did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment on the auction.

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