Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t love her reflection in the mirror, but doesn’t feel the need to turn to plastic surgery.

During a Wednesday appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” the brazen host asked the “And Just Like That …” star if she thought she was a “good-looking human being.”

Parker, 58, replied, “I mean, I’m presentable.”

“I don’t really like looking at myself,” she continued. “I mean, I think I’m fine.”

Stern pressed Parker, asking if she thought about “face-lifts, Botox” and the like, and she admitted she had.

“I ask people all the time. … Like, is it too late?” she said, before joking that if she did it now she wouldn’t look well rested, but like a completely different human being.

Parker doesn’t think it’s wrong, though. She stands firm that people should do whatever makes them feel better when they walk out the door.

While Parker thinks she missed out on the face-lift window, “like an old-fashioned good one you have at 44,” she does visit the dermatologist and partake in chemical peels and maybe a laser treatment here and there.

“I still understand why people make the choice because there is so much emphasis put on, especially women and primarily women, about looks,” she told Stern. “Even last year when we first went on the air with the new season, there was just so many endless articles about aging and aging gracefully, and ‘Sarah Jessica’s hair is gray.’”

“Who cares?” she continued. “There is just so much chatter [and] peripheral opinions.”

Parker reprised her role as sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the “Sex and the City” Max revival in December 2021. The second season premiered this month.

During the debut season of “And Just Like That …” Bradshaw accompanies series regular Anthony Marentino to a face-lift consultation. Initially, the surgeon greets Bradshaw as though it was she who had scheduled the consultation rather than her male friend.

After apologizing for the flub, he gives Bradshaw a consultation of her own — including a 3-D digital simulation of what the results would look like.

“Does this viewing come with a Valium?” she jokes.

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