A puppet of Putin at the Cologne Carnival, February 14, 2023

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is said to have ordered the killing of Wagner mercenary company leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, while an amnesty may be granted to his fighters, the independent Russian website Important Stories (iStories) said on June 24, citing a source.

The publication’s source, said to be close to Russia’s General Staff, claims that Putin “wants to avoid clashes” with the Wagnerites in Moscow and ordered the security forces to eliminate Prigozhin only. According to the source, the Russian dictator’s plan is to divide the Wagner Group’s key members from Prigozhin, promising them an amnesty.

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“The Russian Federation’s army has no serious forces that could block Prigozhin’s advance towards Moscow. Now a major grouping is being formed from all units not employed at the front: the Chechen (Kadyrov) formations, the Russian National Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the FSB,” iStories’ source claims.

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Earlier, Ukrainian intelligence reported that preparations are being made for a siege against the background of PMC Wagner’s actions in Moscow – military equipment is being brought there, the Russian capital city has been practically isolated by security forces.

In his address on June 24, the Russian dictator said that the military had received an order to “neutralize those who organized the insurrection.”

On June 23, Prigozhin declared war on the Russian Defense Ministry after an alleged attack by the Russian army on his mercenaries’ military camp, against the background of his long-standing feud with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

According to media reports, Wagner mercenaries took control of Russian military facilities in Rostov and Voronezh on June 24. Prigozhin demands access to Russia’s top military leadership, threatening to “advance towards Moscow.”

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