Rush University System for Health announced Wednesday that it will partner with Suki to add a range of artificial intelligence capabilities, including ambient note generation, seamless coding and dictate and command modes.


Rush clinicians can pre-chart in Epic electronic health records and finish their notes in Suki, or start a note in Suki and pull in vitals, lab and other data, according to the announcement. 

Integrating AI documentation within Rush’s EHR could improve clinical efficiency and enhance patient care. By automating documentation tasks, Suki said that AI empowers clinicians to devote more attention to patients by generating robust documentation for them.

The company also said that its AI assistant can help providers improve their reimbursement rates by reducing the rate of claims denials with a 48% decrease in amended encounter rates.

Dr. Bina Desai, Rush’s chief medical informatics officer, said the trial seeks to boost patient engagement rates and reduce clinical burnout.

“After using other AI documentation solutions, Suki stood out to us for its depth of integration with Epic, ability to do more than documentation, and competitive cost,” she said in a statement. “We understand the profound impact that AI solutions can have on our clinicians as well as patient care.” 


Suki uses natural language processing to improve the speed of clinical documentation by a claimed 72% and integrates with EHRs to make the process seamless. 

In August, the Oracle Health EHR added Suki via a bi-directional sync.

“The EHR is a critical part of clinician workflows so deepening our integration with the EHR means we can help our users save time and energy,” Belwadi Srikanth, Suki’s vice president of product and design, said in that announcement.

Suki’s AI documentation platform also integrates with iOS, Android, web, Windows and Mac platforms to connect independent practices and help them work across hospital, ambulatory, telehealth, skilled nursing facilities and home health systems.


“Suki Assistant is a true assistant that does more than just documentation,” said Jallel Harrati, Suki’s senior vice president of sales and partnerships. “As more clinicians gain access to it, they will be less burdened by the time-consuming administrative work that leads so many to experience burnout and leave medicine.”

Andrea Fox is senior editor of Healthcare IT News.
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