The children of the late, legendary actor-comedian Robin Williams marked what would have been his 72nd birthday on Friday — weeks before the ninth anniversary of his death.

Zelda Williams took to Twitter to share that the Oscar winner, who died at 63 in 2014, likely would have supported the SAG-AFTRA strike that’s currently immobilizing Hollywood.

“Happy birthday to Poppo, who definitely would’ve been out there fighting the good fight for art and artists today and always,” the 33-year-old actor-director wrote.

Zelda, one of his two children from his second marriage to Marsha Garces Williams, shared a photo of the beloved comic holding up an “On Strike” sign during the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike, when members of the Screen Actors Guild showed solidarity with the screenwriters on the picket line.

Williams, who delivered bagels to picketers during the strike, told the Associated Press at the time that hundreds of people below the line are unfortunate victims of the strike: “You want to resolve it for their sake and get everybody back working and find a way to share it.”

For months, Zelda has spoken out on social media, encouraging actors to mobilize, ahead of their contract negotiations with the the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. (The negotiations broke down earlier this month, and SAG-AFTRA called a strike, joining the WGA in the historic Hollywood labor battle.)

Meanwhile, Williams’ son Zak, the “Aladdin” star’s eldest son and his only child from his first marriage to Valerie Velardi, also honored Williams’ birthday with a heartfelt tribute that had several followers sharing personal memories in the Instagram post’s comments section.

“Happy 72nd Dad!” the 40-year-old wrote, highlighting a movie still from Williams’ 1987 war comedy “Good Morning, Vietnam.” “Was remembering how much I used to love that look you’d give. That look with a mischievous, loving grin that your friends and loved ones knew so well. Joyous and curious and wondrous.

“Miss you and love you forever!” he added.

In June, Zak also celebrated Williams on Father’s Day, sharing images of the comic genius in character in “Good Will Hunting” (1997) — his Oscar-winning role — and “The Birdcage” (1996).

“To all the dads out there who go all out for their loved ones, thank you for everything you do,” he wrote. “Dad, I’m specifically remembering you for your courage and compassion today. Thank you for helping me learn how to be kind to myself as a first step towards showing up for others. Happy Father’s Day, LOVE YOU forever!”

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