Post Malone is introducing a new version of himself to fans.

The “Rockstar” artist shared a mirror selfie on Instagram this week, showing his newly svelte self wearing a black shirt and dress pants with a black leather jacket and boots. And he topped it all off with a camouflage hat.

“Introducing Viceroy Chungus VonBattlepass, i love you 🍻💕,” Malone captioned the photo.

The snap is in line with Malone embracing a new outlook on life since becoming a father and an engaged man in 2022.

Earlier this month, the Grammy nominee talked about the physical changes he’s undergone in the past year in an interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“I was like 240 and now I’m like 185,” Malone told Rogan of his weight loss over the last couple of years.

He attributed his slimmed-down figure to his cutting back on soda.

“Soda is so bad. It’s bad but it’s so good,” the 28-year-old said, before admitting that he will occasionally indulge in the fizzy drink. “I’ll have a soda. I’m a bad boy. And I’ll have a Monster Energy, but Celsius is so good too. … I’ve had a great show and, you know what, I’m feeling a little bit naughty. I’m gonna have myself a Coke on ice. So good.”

In April, Malone took to Instagram to address online rumors that he had lost weight as a result of drug use after videos of him passionately performing onstage garnered attention online.

“i wanted to say that i’m not doing drugs, i’ve had a lot of people ask me about my weight loss and i’d suppose, performance on stage,” the “Better Now” singer wrote. “i’m having a lot of fun performing, and have never felt healthier. i guess dad life kicked in and i decided to kick soda, and start eating better so i can be around for a long time for this little angel. next up is smokes and brews, but i like to consider myself a patient man… lol!

He would go on to add, “my brain is in a super dope place, and i’m the happiest i’ve been in a long time. if you’re having a hard time or need some love, i can say that you’re loved more than you know, and keep f— crushing it. goodnight nerds😤spread love and rock on🥾🥾🥾.”

The “Circles” performer spoke on life as a dad and also addressed the online criticism he was getting in a July interview with radio DJ Zane Lowe.

“Having a baby really put a lot into perspective, and it’s really slowed me down a lot, party-wise, going out and being crazy. But it’s the most beautiful thing. I just want to take some time now,” he said.

Malone then mentioned the internet speculation, saying, “I mean, first off, I shouldn’t have to really justify anything to anyone, but I appreciate the concerns that people [have]. But then it just goes… It goes from like, Hey, I hope he’s fine. But then the rumour starts that I’m doing hard drugs, which I’ve never done in my entire life.”

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