People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has sent complaints to the cast and director of “Gladiator 2,” accusing the production of using and mistreating live animals on set.

In letters addressed to “Gladiator 2” star Pedro Pascal and director Ridley Scott, the animal-rights organization urges the production to stop working with horses and macaque monkeys after allegedly receiving “whistleblower reports.” PETA on Tuesday provided copies of the letters to the Los Angeles Times and confirmed that the organization had complained to other cast members as well.

A source close to the production told The Times on Tuesday that “there have not been any animal injuries or incidents” on the set of “Gladiator 2,” adding that a certified animal safety representative has been present during filming on behalf of the American Humane Society.

Representatives for Scott and Pascal did not immediately respond Tuesday to requests for comment.

In a letter delivered to Scott’s agent on June 30, PETA demanded that the production “cancel any plans to use primates or other wild animals during filming.” The letter cites a “whistleblower report” from the set of “Gladiator 2” in Malta where “real primates” were allegedly used for the film.

Appealing to Scott, the letter alleges a number of potential harmful effects of having primates on set, including “abusive training” methods, primate self-harm and stunted primate development.

“As you know, we’ve been writing Mr. Scott in the hopes of discussing plans for animals and why it’s imperative that wild animals are not exploited for the film,” the letter states.

Another letter — addressed directly to Scott and dated July 14 — references a second “whistleblower report” alleging that a horse’s leg “gave out on set, presumably due to the heat” in Malta. The letter alleges that concerns were raised about horses “being exposed to hot temperatures and sometimes forced to stand in direct sunlight during and between takes.”

“Scorching summer heat and oppressive costumes are a dangerous mix for horses, who are naturally skittish animals, prone to flight and injury, and vulnerable to the stresses of a film set,” the letter continues.

“The film and TV industries have a past riddled with on-set horse injuries and even deaths. We sincerely hope Gladiator 2 avoids adding another death to that list.”

Taking another tack, the letter also follows up on PETA’s prior primate complaint by outlining potential dangers monkeys can pose to humans — such as violent instincts and the transmission of deadly viruses.

A third letter, sent to Pascal, reiterates PETA’s concerns about the production’s alleged use of horses and macaques.

“Will you please join us in urging Mr. Scott to stop using any real animals now or when filming commences should production fully come to a halt” because of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, the letter reads.

“You can see why using real animals — instead of the versatile, lifelike CGI that’s widely available today — is a throwback to a much less enlightened time when people failed to recognize animals as individuals who have the capacity to feel pain and to suffer.”

“Gladiator 2” is the forthcoming sequel to the 2000 blockbuster “Gladiator,” which won five Academy Awards, including best picture. Scott was also nominated for directing the epic. The cast of the Paramount Pictures project includes Pascal, Paul Mescal, Denzel Washington, Connie Nielsen and Djimon Hounsou.

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