Lewis Capaldi is ending his 2023 world tour earlier than expected, days after he struggled to perform his set at this year’s Glastonbury music festival.

The “Someone You Love” singer, 26, revealed Tuesday morning that he will be taking a break from touring, canceling his shows for the remainder of the year. He informed his fans of the “most difficult decision” in a statement shared on Twitter and Instagram.

“I’m very sorry to let you know I’m going to be taking a break from touring for the foreseeable future,” he wrote.

Capaldi, who had canceled his shows earlier this month in preparation for England’s Glastonbury, said he needs more time away from the stage to “adjust to the impact of my Tourette’s.”

He added: “On Saturday it became obvious that I need to spend much more time getting my mental and physical health in order, so I can keep doing everything I love for a long time to come.”

The singer revealed in September 2022 that he was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. According to the Mayo Clinic, Tourette syndrome is a disorder that “involves repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics) that can’t be easily controlled.” These tics usually manifest by age 15. Men are three to four times more likely to develop Tourette syndrome.

Upon revealing his diagnosis last year, Capaldi said his treatments included getting Botox in his shoulder to control the unwanted movements. He also said he experiences the tics “all the time” — even while performing.

Over the weekend, Glastonbury fans helped Capaldi complete his performance of “Someone You Love” after he struggled to sing the lyrics. According to Entertainment Weekly, the singer ended his set on Saturday by announcing that he will “be taking another wee break over the next couple of weeks.”

In his statement Tuesday, the Grammy-nominated hit-maker thanked his family, friends and medical experts who have supported him “during this past year when I’ve needed it more than ever.”

Capaldi, who rose to fame in 2019 for his ballads, has been open about more than just his Tourette syndrome diagnosis. For the Netflix documentary, “Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now,” the singer spoke about his struggles with anxiety and impostor syndrome.

“I’ve never been more insecure in my life than I am now,” he said in a trailer for the March documentary. “And I think that’s got worse the more success I’ve got.”

In recent months he also spoke about how mounting mental health struggles affect his career. He told the Times of London in April that “the pressure of the job is the problem.”

“The mammoth tours of enormous venues. The expectations upon me,” he said. “That’s surely anxiety-inducing for anybody, never mind a huge hypochondriac like myself.”

While Capaldi says he will be getting the rest he needs, he also apologized Tuesday to fans who planned to attend his now-canceled concerts. It’s unclear whether fans will receive a refund.

“I need to feel well to perform at the standard you all deserve,” he said. “Playing for you every night is all I’ve ever dreamed of so this has been the most difficult decision of my life. I’ll be back as soon as I possibly can. ❤️”

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