Beyoncé’s trumpet player wasn’t the only pregnant person at the “Break My Soul” singer’s birthday concert.

“Hairspray” actor Sarah Francis Jones posted on Instagram that she went into labor — on Labor Day — while attending Beyoncé’s show on Monday .

“Beyonce induced my baby,” she wrote on the video showing how her night went. The clip cuts to Jones giving birth at the hospital, then happily holding her baby.

In a subsequent Instagram post, Jones posted a video of herself and her husband, fellow actor Marcel Spears, participating in the mute challenge during Beyoncé’s performance of “Energy.” The text superimposed over the snippet read, “Evidence that Los Angeles understood the MUTE challenge @ beyonces bday show!!”

She further explained, “And it was at that moment that my contractions started baby wanted to be part of the mute challenge so bad! #beyonceconcert #mute #labor #contractions.”

The couple didn’t think that her baby would be due for at least a few more days and thought she was having false labor pains (known as Braxton Hicks contractions), they told KTLA.

“I said, ‘Something’s happening,’” Jones recalled. “Usually I like to dance at the concert and I was like ‘OK, I need to sit down for a second.’”

Jones’ husband tried to keep cool.

“I also thought it was Braxton Hicks and she was like, ‘I’m feeling something’ and I said ‘No, no, no, it’s early, it’ll pass, we’re okay,’” Spears said. “As the concert went on, we were like ‘I don’t know about this.’ By the time we got to the car into the parking lot, it was full-on intense.”

In peak astrological fashion, the almost-born baby decided to give the biggest of the contractions during “Virgo’s Groove,” Spears noted.

“If we didn’t record it, I don’t think anybody would believe it,” Spears said. “It’s just one of those things that it’s so convenient, you’re like ‘Nah that’s not happening,’ but the baby definitely pulled through.”

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