Grimes had some things to say about her third child with Elon Musk and her recent call-out of the SpaceX executive and his new co-parent Shivon Zilis.

Musk and Grimes privately welcomed a third child named Techno Mechanicus, the tech mogul confirmed Saturday via X (formerly Twitter).

Musk verified the child’s existence after a New York Times review of Walter Isaacson’s forthcoming biography of the corporate face of Tesla mentioned the child by name. It was previously known that the billionaire and the “Oblivion” artist share a 3-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter.

In a Sunday X post, Grimes spoke briefly about her child, who was born via a surrogate in June 2022.

“I wish I could show u how cute little Techno is but my priority rn is keeping my babies out of the public eye,” she wrote. “Plz respect that at this time.”

On Thursday, the Canadian singer seemed to have responded to a self-promoting post from Isaacson about his new biography, which featured photos of Musk and Zilis, the mother of Musk’s recently born twins. Grimes pleaded in the now-deleted X post for the writer to relay a request to Musk about how he and Zilis had allegedly blocked the Canadian artist from seeing her son.

“Tell Shivon to unblock me and tell Elon to let me see my son or plz respond to my lawyer,” Grimes’ post from last week read, per screenshots posted on Reddit. “I have never even been allowed to see a photo of these children until this moment, despite the situation utterly ripping my family apart.”

Grimes also apologized for that online exchange in her Sunday post.

“Hey, I wud prefer to not breathe any more life into this current press cycle but I want to de-escalate the narrative atm,” she wrote. “I spoke with Shivon at length finally, which was long overdue. This wasn’t her fault, plz don’t be angry at her! We respect each other a lot and we’re excited to become friends and have the kids grow up together.”

The 35-year-old songwriter added, “I truly apologize for responding to Walter like that. As u can imagine, that was a very gut level reaction to a thing that has been very hard for me. Communication about the twins wasn’t handled super well in the past, but I now totally understand what happened and totally forgive the situation.

“Women are so often pitted against each other. Speaking with Shivon, it’s very evident she’s an amazing human and we both just want what’s best for our kids.”

Grimes and Musk, 52, dated on and off from about 2018 to 2022. The pair welcomed a son, X Æ A-Xii, in May 2020, and a daughter, Exa Dark Sideræl, in December 2021.

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