Teamwork is the solution
The writers’ strike appears destined to continue into next year [“Why film, TV writers, actors are unlikely to end strike soon,” Sept. 3]. From all I’ve read, the two sides are far apart and neither can make significant concessions.

So the strike continues, and everyone on both sides gets hurt financially and, to some extent, professionally as well.

What’s the solution? Perhaps it has already been considered and dismissed, for reasons beyond my knowledge, but here it is: Everyone go back to work under the terms of the current agreements. Work hard to catch up on delayed projects. Become a team again.

Will the writers stay out now for a bigger cash settlement later? I think that they’re a lot more interested in getting back to work. Will management hold out? It’s hard to see how it’s in their best interest to do that.

Doug Tennant
Dana Point


Another side to the debate
Greg Braxton’s article makes some valid points [“It’s not just ‘The Blind Side.’ In Hollywood, the ‘white savior’ won’t go quietly,” Aug. 28]. However, some stories only work one way: a person with privilege or advantage gives a helping hand to another who is struggling.

A heroic character’s ethnicity is not meaningless, but it need not dominate the conversation about a worthwhile film. It’s impossible to imagine Oskar Schindler in “Schindler’s List” aiding Jews fleeing persecution if he himself were Jewish. Similarly, cultured educator Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier), a Black immigrant from Guyana, became an exceptional teacher and role model for the white working-class kids in “To Sir, With Love.”

Patrick Barr


A blissful cartoon
For quite a while, I’ve wanted to write and say how much I enjoy the “Bliss” cartoons. Harry Bliss is an extraordinary artist, which is part of the charm. His illustrations are marvelous in their detail and authenticity and his interactions with the animals are priceless. He gets it!! Animals have terrific personalities. Harry Bliss, you are wonderful!

Sandi Williams
Sherman Oaks

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