Thanks to Hollywood’s labor disputes, this year’s Emmy Awards are moving to 2024.

The organizers of the ceremony said on Thursday that it will be rescheduled to Jan. 15, four months later than its original date in mid-September.

The postponement is the latest fallout from the strikes by screenwriters and actors, which have brought Hollywood almost entirely to a halt.

In June, Emmy organizers concluded that if the writers’ strike lingered for another month or so the event would have to be rescheduled. When thousands of actors also went on strike in July, their action all but guaranteed the need for a new date.

The unions representing the actors and writers have said their compensation levels and working conditions have deteriorated because of the rise of streaming. The studios say they have already offered generous raises, even as they struggle to adjust to a fast-changing media business.

It is the first time that the Emmys ceremony, which is presented by the Television Academy, will be moved out of its planned time slot since after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. That year, the ceremony was moved to November.

The new January date will place the Emmys in the busy winter award show season. The event will join the Golden Globes, the AFI Awards, the Grammys and the Oscars, among others, in a two-month stretch. The Emmys ceremony, now scheduled for Martin Luther King’s Birthday, is a day after the Critics Choice Awards and a week before Oscar nominations are scheduled to be announced.

There are, however, some deep concerns in the entertainment industry that either the actors’ or writers’ strike — or both — could last until the end of the year, potentially imperiling the January date. Organizing the Emmys is a significant undertaking, and producers and Fox, the broadcaster of the event, believe they will need several weeks to prepare to get a show up and running. If the writers’ or actors’ strike does last until the end of the year, the ceremony could be postponed again or significantly altered.

A ceremony delayed until January could lead to some head-scratching moments. Take “The Bear,” which was nominated for best comedy and should be a formidable player in several acting and writing categories as well. Emmy voters will be evaluating the rookie season of “The Bear,” which premiered in June 2022, and not the critically beloved second season, which debuted two months ago. Series eligible for the coming Emmy Awards had to premiere between June 2022 and May 2023.

Nominations were announced last month, and the perennial Emmy heavyweight HBO again dominated the other networks and streamers. Emmy voting will begin as normal next week, with the results being held under lock and key for many months.

Ratings for recent Emmys ceremonies have fallen sharply in recent years, including a record low last year of 5.9 million.

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