Leading men Chris Evans and Taron Egerton deactivated their social media accounts this week, and Bad Bunny admits taking lengthy breaks from socials helps him breathe better.

On Thursday, “Black Bird” star Taron Egerton announced his social media hiatus with a message posted to his Instagram stories, explaining to fans that although he appreciates their kind words, he thinks social media may not be good for anyone.

“I’m going to take a break from social media for a while,” Egerton wrote via his since-deactivated account. “I’m not sure why I’m making a big declaration about it; I just think it’s hard to break away from a cycle that I’ve grown to find a bit addictive and this is me making a commitment to myself.

“I’ve gotten myself into a place where I spend too much time scrolling and I actually feel like my ability to sit and be present and read books and watch movies and even seek out the company of people I love is eroding as a result,” he continued.

The “Rocketman” star added that he felt removed from himself and he feels that he’s capable of more career-wise and that the Gram is one of several impediments holding him back.

“Thanks everyone for saying such nice things all the time. I so appreciate it but I just need to not read the thoughts of strangers for a while; I’m really not sure this stuff is very good for any of us.”

Shortly after Egerton bid the Gram adieu, Evans reposted Egerton’s story, adding, “Couldn’t have said it better myself! Count me in. Gonna take a little break. Much love everyone!”

The “Avengers” star followed up by announcing his break on Twitter as well, explaining that he’s treating himself to a summer with less screen time.

Bad Bunny also recently said that he takes much-needed respites from social media.

“I’ve done it several times and when I come back to social media, I ask myself ‘Why did I come back?’” the rapper told People. “The truth is that every time I close my phone for a long period of time like a week — and there have been occasions where I’ve managed to stay off for a month — that’s when I feel best.”

He added: “I even breathe better. But at the end of the day going on social media is inevitable, even if it’s for one minute.”

Evans recently starred in the action-romance Apple TV+ movie “Ghosted” alongside Ana de Armas. And “Pain Hustlers” with Emily Blunt hits Netflix Oct. 27. Egerton’s new action-packed thriller “Carry-On,” co-starring Jason Bateman and Sofia Carson, is scheduled for release on Netflix later this year, though an official date has not been announced.

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