President Biden this week mistakenly referred to Ukraine as Iraq on two occasions, mixing up the names of recent areas of conflict.

Biden was asked on Wednesday to what extent Russian President Vladimir Putin has been weakened by the aborted rebellion in Russia. In his response, he switched out Ukraine for the war that started with a U.S.-led coalition invasion into Iraq and ended in 2011.

“It’s hard to tell, but he is clearly losing the war in Iraq, he’s losing the war at home and he has become a bit of a pariah around the world,” the president said at the White House.

“It’s not get NATO, it’s not just the European Union, it’s Japan,” he added.

The White House did not respond to a request for comments on the word swap.

The president is known to make gaffes in off-the-cuff remarks, including in response to questions from reporters. He also has in the past slipped up on words before correcting himself. 

Biden, 80, reportedly made the same mistake during a campaign reception in Maryland on Tuesday night, calling Ukraine Iraq. He often speaks much more candidly during those receptions and tends to make news with his unscripted remarks, such as when he called Chinese President Xi Jinping a dictator last week. 

The president’s comments on Putin come after the mercenary Wagner Group and its founder Yevgeny Prigozhi led a rebellion over the weekend that ended through a negotiated deal between Prigozhi and Putin. The Wagner chief has since fled to Belarus.

Putin has publicly been outraged over the rebellion and its led to questions over what the negotiated deal means for the future of the war in Russia. 

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